Attari become from word “Attar” which means non alcoholic perfume. The word ‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ comes from an ancient Persian word ‘attar’, ‘otto’ or ‘ottar’, that means perfume, fragrance or scent, The attar is an oily perfume, therefore without alcohol, which has its origin in India and the Middle East. Of Arabic etymology, the term attar (also written atr, ittar or othr) could be translated by “scent”. This word would be itself a derivative of sugandha, a Sanskrit term which means “aromatic”.

My spiritual holy master Muhammad Ilyas Quadri who is perfume seller and he use a ‘Attari’ word after his name. (In that way a person who is manufacturing, trading or working of Attar, also use the word Attari for his surname (laqab).), in the reemergence and regards all the followers (Mureed) also used their surname after his name.

An idea for establishment of Attari Industries came to in the year 2017, when I met with my friend who was manufacturing furniture and selling to traders, he was struggling for marketplace, after a long discussion I found that thousand of problems they are facing due to lack of knowledge and lack of team work, then I thought that I will open a platform for those persons whose approaches are  nearby in their areas and they want to explore their business.

Our main missions are : 

  1. Grow the artisans and promoting the Indian Companies
  2. Promote Indian Art & Craft in International Level.
  3. Want to explore opportunities for Indian companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and connect them with business partners around the world.

We are a professionally managed with more than 6 years of experience. Our products are being exported and appreciated for their quality and latest designs.


All payment should be made in Indian Rupees, unless otherwise specified in the quotation sent to you. We give the following options for payment:

Full Advance Payment: This method is most convenient for small orders as it minimizes the bank charges involved in other methods of payment. You may send payment by Cheque or Bank Draft favoring Attari Industries to our postal address, or, you may send to our Bankers under intimation to us.

Part Payment in Advance: For larger orders, we expect that you send 50% value in advance. Balance payment is payable against delivery of documents through your bank. This method involves Bank Charges which are payable by the customer.

Letter of Credit: We expect Sight Letter of Credit against bulk orders. This method involves considerable Bank charges. All Bank Changes as per the terms of Letter of Credit, must be to the account of the buyer.

Credit Cards: We accept small payment only by Credit Cards.

The client must pay 50 percent of the total invoice amount before work begins on the project. Rest of the amount will pay after the product dispatch.

If no agreed-upon payment date has been established, a customer must pay a company within 30 days of receiving an invoice or the goods or service. A company can use a statutory demand to formally request payment for due payments.

TT means Telegraphic Transfer, Telex Transfer or Wire Transfer, the transfer of funds from one bank account to another by electronic means.

LC means ” Letter of credit”, an instruction from buyer to a foreign bank to pay the seller a sum of money when certain conditions are met.